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Q, I want to get my first tattoo, what do I do next? A, Get a general idea of what you would like for your first tattoo and then stop to our studio  for a brief consultation with an artist. Q, Do I need an appointment for a consultation? A, No, our artists will be happy to give you a few minutes of their time to answer any of your questions. Q, Do I need to schedule an appointment to get my tattoo? A, The short answer is no, we do walk ins however the artist may already have previous appointment commitments they have to complete before they could get to your tattoo. Walk ins are first come, first served. If you want to guarantee a specific time then an appointment may be a good choice for you. Q, Can you give me a price over the phone or by e-mail? A, No. We can not accurately price your design without sizing it to your body. Please stop in to get an accurate quote. Q, I didnt’t take care of my tattoo, I let it scab up and now my tattoo is damaged . You will fix it for free, right? A, No. Proper aftercare is your responsibility. Q, My friend’s tattoo artist said they had to buy this 25 dollar “tattoo aftercare kit”  that the studio was selling to take care of their tattoo, Why Didn’t Sacred sell me those items? A, Because I am not going to take advantage of my customers, they make money selling those items to you. I don’t carry items in the studio that I don’t believe in. You can take proper and safe care of your tattoo for less than 2 dollars. Yout artist will instruct you thouroughly at the completion of your tattoo for the safest method of aftercare for the particular location of your tattoo. Q, My friend’s tattoo artist wrapped their fresh tattoo in plastic wrap. Why didn’t you do that? A, Because it’s against state law not to mention that it is extremely unsanitary. Plastic wrap holds warmth and moisture causing a thick scum of odorous bacteria to begin growing under the plastic, that could cause your tattoo to become contaminated with bacteria and become infected. Q. How do I know your equipment is sterile? A, our equipment is tested by a 3rd party independent lab. You are welcome to inspect our test report before you get your tattoo. Q, I wanted to get a whole paragraph of writing in the 3x3 inch box. Can you do that? A, You can get some writing in the 3x3 special, but lettering has to be done certain sizes, depending on the font to preserve the readability of it in the future. Your artist will show you the minimum size they can do the font you select to preserve the readability and you can make a more educated decision based upon that information. Q. I want to get a large tattoo, Do I have to pay for it all up front? A. No, you pay as you go. You set the price per session and your artist will stop at that amount. Q. I want to get tattooed in a “personal area”, Will other customers be watching? A. No. Our studio has closed rooms to preserve your privacy. Q. I want to have a portrait tattooed. Do I need to drop the photo off a few days early so it can be drawn? A. No Frank doesn’t need any prep time to do a portrait. However, a quality photograph is needed to get a quality portrait.